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MISSION: Through technology, innerWORKS, a 501(c)(3) organization, will teach about healthy choices, especially concerning our youth.

We will create instruments / tools that clearly show the harmful consequences of bad choices.

If our kids are our future: Is it not our responsibility to teach them the skills that will make them healthy adults that contribute to our communities and economy?

What sets the innerWORKS Initiative apart from anything else in the nation is the intention that the participant is able to place him- or herself physically into Innerworks World with 6000 (and more) facial and bodily characteristics.

However, our Initiative will touch ALL ages.

innerWORKS World will weave fantasy, music and the most recent science- and medical-based research concerning harmful drug use, embracing and engaging the participants - creating a WOW! education.

The innerWORKS Institute shall implement the nation's first virtual, interactive harmful drug MUSEUM.

At the center of the innerWORKS Initiative is preventing as many young teens as possible from harmful drug use. Our targeted age is 10 to 18 years old.

The participant will become a hero in this journey, hence transcending race, gender, or even the youthful refrain - "that character is 'whack'!"

innerWORKS will create five (5) DVDs, addressing the dire consequences of alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs, inhalants - and have an HIV/AIDS component.

These DVDs will allow the participants to dive into the human body and touch and experience the significance of the many and various organs in the human body, emphasizing how significant each is.

Reggie White - " the gentle warrior" In Memoriam
Reggie White:
12/19/61 to 12/26/04

A legend who inspired spirits and lifted lives of so many with his good deeds. Reggie and Sara: your mark on this world will ever remain!
Friends, now and until the end of time - innerWORKS